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Saving Water One Leak Locate at a Time

Water System Surveys

Not all water leaks come to the surface

Not all water main leaks come to the surface. Many leaks find their way to storm and sanity sewers or basements and, if left undetected, some leaks could create sinkholes. We can find these leaks before they become a problem. Water system surveys can save your city thousands of dollars and are primarily done during the warmer months.

The survey provides you with a list of the leaks on your system, approximately how much water is leaking, and where you need to dig to fix them. This gives you the freedom to prioritize and schedule digs during the warm weather months to avoid costly winter digging. The minimal fee for the survey can be recouped after locating just one leak! Call us today for a free estimate for a survey of your city and take charge of your leaks in your water system.

To get a quote on a water system survey, we just need to know the city, and how many hydrants you have in town. It would also be nice to know if there is any plastic main, as that is difficult to find water leaks with acoustic leak detection equipment.

Results Say it All

Here are some of the cities we work in and their Water Leak Report results.